Bloggers & SEO For Plastic Surgeons

People want to look great. Today’s plastic surgery techniques offer a great way to have the beauty and body that they have always wanted. The only problems is which procedure to choose and where to start. With over 15 million procedures performed yearly in the US alone, it could get confusing. Whether you are thinking of cool sculpting or a tummy tuck, there are answers out there. The best plastic surgery bloggers who do plastic surgery SEO are going to guide you to the answers. The top ones are fun to follow. Check out these plastic surgery bloggers who have been trailblazing on the internet. For SEO tips checkout Excel-Digital at:

  • Ashley Devonna

You know that you are taking the internet by storm because there is a lot of controversy surrounding your blog. Ashley Devonna has brought controversy by live streaming her breast surgery with a huge number of followers. What many people loved about this approach is that it takes guesswork out of both the procedure and the results. For anybody who considers plastic surgery Ashley Devonna has helped them make a better decision.


  • Xiaxue

There are plastic surgery blogs that give insight into the person as well as the procedures. Xiaxue has gone through a fascinating journey and a fantastic transformation. You are going to get to know the personality behind the progress in this blog.


  • Reddit/Plastic Surgery

An amazing way to keep up with more than one person or practice is Reddit. You can get insight into success stories, unbiased reviews and cautionary tales from around the world through Reddit.


  • The Mother Ship

Anybody who is considering plastic surgery should take a look at the source. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has a blog that gives regular tips on every topic you can dream of about plastic surgery. They also provide links to plastic surgeons in your area for when the time is right to get the next procedure done.


  • Beverly Hills

Some of the most beautiful people in the world are in Beverly Hills, California. The Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery blog lets visitors view the latest techniques, information and results that surround plastic surgery. Whether you want to be a movie star or just look like one, this is a great blog to follow.

There are many tips that contributed to the success of these plastic surgery SEO blogs. One tip is that they periodically update old posts. HubSpot refers to this tactic as “Historical Optimization”. They have found that simply going back to old content and updating and republishing the content can increase traffic by over 100%. You should also add content beyond text such as before and after photos. Imagery is a powerful form of content, especially for plastic surgeons. Add a gallery of before and after images. This is the number 1 prospective plastic surgery patients look for. You might also include videos of happy patients and doctors explaining procedures.

Try to make link-worthy content. The content you make should do more than highlight keywords. It should help to attract links to your site from other online sources. This requires informative, high-quality content that is genuinely helpful, interesting and educational. You should also publish content off-site too. You can also create links to your website by publishing content off-site. For example, you could write articles for local and industry news and business sites, or appear as a guest on other blogs, reputable podcasts, or well-trafficked YouTube channels. You should also join industry associations and local chambers of commerce. You can produce links from unusual sources too. For example, when you join industry associations like the American Association of Plastic Surgeons and your local chamber of commerce, those groups could add your website with a link to their own.

Get listed in directories, both health-specific and general. This follows from the previous tip. Any reputable website that links and lists to medical practices offers a valuable source for links. This can include third-party review sites like Yelp as well as industry directories specific to health care. Make sure you have a “Google My Business” profile. One key site for a business listing is Google. “Google My Business” makes a profile of your practice that gives Google more information to provide in search results and can help strengthen your search rankings.